Single-purpose machines tailored to your business

Single-purpose machine

From the very beginning, the De & Co company has specialized mainly in manufacturing single-purpose machines for specific plants and for specific customers. Each of our single-purpose machines is therefore unique, exactly adapted to the client's requirements and to the conditions in production. In this way, they make manufacturing more effective, superior and, of course, cheaper.

Why bet on single-purpose machines from the De & Co company

Do you need to produce a machine for a particular operation?
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  • single-purpose machines are our specialization 
  • we guarantee the high quality of our products
  • our prices are among the lowest on the market
  • we manufacture machines to suit specific plants
  • we provide advanced and flexible customer service

All types of single-purpose machinery, not only for engineering

We design and manufacture special purpose machines, primarily for the automotive, mining and medical industries. This does not mean, however, that we are not able to come up with solutions for other sectors. We have experience in manufacturing machines for various assembly workplaces. We develop sophisticated cutting machines and manipulators. We design both testers and complex control stations. You can also utilize our know-how wherever you need fully automated production, i.e. in operations consisting of robotic (robotised) departments and production lines, simply called band production.

What does collaboration with the De & Co company look like?

  1. Send us your requirement, in which you explain what sort of machine you need and for what purpose.
  2. Based on mutual meetings and consultations, we will confirm a  proposal for a single-purpose machine.
  3. Then, the respective design of the prototype is carried out, followed by its production and, last but not least, operational testing on the premises of our company.
  4. The single-purpose machine is installed, tested and commissioned in the factory.
  5. We remain in contact with you and are ready to provide customer service within 48 hours.


„I came into contact with the DE&CO company through the recommendation of a great supply company, with which we started up a dedicated robotised single-purpose facility. I was pleasantly surprised by the approach and work done by their young team of designers. Thanks to this experience and solid negotiations with the DE&CO representative, our cooperation continues. And now, they are developing the third single-purpose facility for us. I highly recommend this company.“

Milan Juřica,
(Developer of the Austin Detonator)

Visteon Autopal – Testing frames for checking air conditioning pipes for leaks Austin Detonator – ROS2 – robotised second generation looping machine
  • Visteon Autopal – Testing frames for checking air conditioning pipes for leaks
  • Austin Detonator – ROS2 – robotised second generation looping machine

Single-purpose machines









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