Automating the process will reduce your costs in mass production

Automation machines

At the De & Co Company, we help companies to automate mass production. We design and produce tailored solutions for specific operations in the automotive, healthcare, textile manufacturing and many other sectors. In collaboration with you, we will prepare a detailed proposal including documentation, and will produce a single-purpose machine that will help you to optimize your production process. This will reduce the overall costs of production and increase your competitiveness.

What we can offer

Do you need to optimize production and reduce costs? Contact us!

  • engineers' years of experience in the field of design
  • machines tailor made exactly to your needs
  • using the latest technology
  • active involvement in the development process 
  • exceptional flexibility and customer service

We are professionals with our own know-how

We constantly monitor trends in the field of process automation and actively participate at international trade fairs. We cooperate with leading experts in drive technology, sensor technology, camera systems, robotics and other fields. Thus, in the design of automation systems, we can operate with high-end components.

Optimization of manufacturing processes not only in the engineering industry

Based on the specifics of the production process, we can talk about different degrees of automation. Semi-automatic machines require a human operator for piece insertion of blanks, while auto assembly lines have large reservoirs, in which the blanks can be complemented by one employee. In this way, one worker is able to handle and operate multiple production lines. We are ready to fully satisfy your requirements as for the degree of automation.

What does collaboration with the De & Co company look like?

  1. Send us your requirement in which you explain what kind of process you need to optimize.
  2. Based on mutual meetings and consultations, we will confirm the proposal for process automation.
  3. Then, the respective design of the prototype is carried out, followed by its production and, last but not least, operational testing on the premises of our company.
  4. Automation machinery is installed, tested and commissioned in the factory.
  5. We remain in contact with you and are ready to provide customer service within 48 hours.








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